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It’s a camera. A library. A movie theater. A teacher. A game console. A business partner. A coach. It’s so powerful and easy to use you won’t want to put it down. Yet it’s so thin and light, you won’t have to.

It’s the best way to do the 
things you do every day.

Everything you do on iPad is easier and more intuitive. Whether you’re surfing the web, reading and writing email, taking photos, shopping online, or playing games, you can do it all with just a swipe, pinch, or tap. No wonder it’s the device so many people pick up first and put down last.

There are hundreds of thousands of iPad apps on the App Store. So no matter what you want to do, there’s an amazing app to help you do it. And unlike the apps on most tablets (which are basically just stretched-out phone apps), every iPad app is designed just for iPad to take full advantage of its powerful custom chip, high-resolution Multi-Touch display, and iOS 8. 

You can store all your files and access them anywhere.

As an iPad owner, you can use iCloud to keep all your files — photos, videos, music, documents, apps, contacts, appointments, and everything else — safe and secure. And they’re easily accessible from any of your devices, including a Mac, iPhone, even a PC, wherever you are.1 iCloud also lets you share everything with friends and family. It even helps you find your iPad if you lose it.

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