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Qualifications & Qualities of a Good Teacher
مؤهلات وصفات المدرس الجيد

Education is one of the most important parts of our life. The kind of education we all receives largely depends upon the kind of teacher we have in the school. A positive or negative approach could change the entire life of a child. A future of a child is depending on the teachers. The society that we live in have all types of teachers. Furthermore, today's students will be the responsible citizens of tomorrow; therefore all teachers should try to be a "good teacher."

In fact, we are in bad need of good teachers simply because they can wonders for their society. teacher plays يلعب المدرس a very important roleدورا في غاية الأهمية in our lifeفي حياتنا .
He does his best to فهو يبذل قصارى جهده لكي enlighten our minds ينير عقولنا .
He tries hard to وهو يحاول جاهداً أن lead us to success يأخذ بأيدينا إلى النجاح .
He treats his pupils وهو يعامل تلاميذه tolerantly بتسامح and patiently وبصبر to encourage them لكي يشجعهم and gives them self-confidence ويعطيهم الثقة بالنفس.

 He is happy to ويسعده أن provide his pupils with يعطي طلابه all his knowledge كل علمه and experience وخبرته. He wishes his pupils to be ويتمنى أن يكون طلابه better than him أفضل منه. He wants his pupils to ويريد لطلابه أن be happy يسعدوا in this life في هذه الحياة and in the life to come وفي الحياة الآخرة . That is why we can say ولهذا يمكننا أن نقول that his role أن دوره is not only important ليس مهماً فقط but also divine بل ومقدساً أيضاً , isn’t it أليس كذلك ? Such a person وشخص كهذا must have special qualifications and qualitiesلابد وأن يتحلى بمؤهلات وصفات خاصة . He must be knowledgeable ينبغي أن يكون واسع الاطلاع and a life-long learner. وأن يحرص على التعلم مدى الحياة

He must be keen on ولابد أن يكون حريصاً على updating his educational knowledgeتحديث معلوماته التربوية all the time. A good teacher is that teacher who can easily build good relationships يبني علاقات طيبة مع with his students and even their parents if necessary بل وحتى مع أولياء الأمور لو لزم الأمر . He should be ينبغي أن يكون modest متواضعاً, cheerful بشوشاً , patient صبوراً and tolerant متسامحاً.

 He should never be haughty يجب ألا يكون متعاليا or easy to lose self-control. أو يفقد أعصابه بسهولة His students are comfortable and at ease with him. يرتاحون معه ويشعرون معه باليسر They enjoy having him with them as their teacher ويسعدون بكونه مدرسهم and look forward to going to school every day for his sake. و يشتاقون للمدرسة كل يوم بسببه He should be fair in class. عادلا He should understand his pupils. I mean their different capabilities , قدراتهم المختلفة their different backgrounds خلفياتهم المختلفة and their different needs. واحتياجاتهم المختلفة He should know and do what motivates them. يعرف ويفعل ما يحفز طلابه Above all, he should a good example قدوة حسنة for his students in whatever he says and does..

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